About St. Augustine’s

Saint Augustine’s is your parish church. It is here to serve this community; as a place of worship and prayer; as a place of friendship and support; as a place to celebrate special occasions. Our church is a symbol of God’s presence among us where all will find a welcome.

We believe that there is a place for every one within the warm embrace of God and that his love is unconditional. We aim to give the opportunity for each of us to explore, experience, and share God’s love in this part of London.

As your parish church, everyone in this area and beyond will find a warm welcome with us, whether by attending our worship, or in making enquiries about baptisms, weddings, funerals etc. We want you to feel comfortable in approaching us, even if you are not a regular member of the church. We strongly believe that our church is here to serve all members of our parish, not just members of our congregation.

In our worship we try to keep a balance between the modern and the traditional, and our Sunday Family Eucharist is designed to try and meet the needs of all ages in worship. If you choose to come and join us for this at any time you will be made welcome without feeling pressurised to come again. We believe that God is an important part of our community, and that all our lives need a spiritual element to them in one form or another, that God is not just about coming to church on Sunday but is part and parcel of our daily lives. An important role of the church is to help people experience that and to support people on their life journey.

For more information about the church please visit, http://www.staugustines-grovepark.com/

Cover photo by Rob Clayton: See more of his photos on the above website


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