Easter Day 2021


Happy Easter everyone. Thank you for following our Lenten Blog.
This is the last entry for this year.

I finish with the sermon for Easter Day.

One of my favourite moments in the year is early spring
when I walk into Chinbrook Meadows early morning with the dog, and it is still dark,
but against the background of the darkness is the first blossom of the year appearing on the trees.

At first glance it looks like frost or snow but then it dawns upon you
that you are witnessing the first blossom of the New Year and hope is renewed.
That for me is the perfect image of Easter, of Resurrection.
The darkness and the winter is giving way to light. The world is being transformed.
All is well.

In the Lenten reflection I wrote of creation being full of little love notes from God
Blossom, for me, is one of those love notes,
reminding us of God’s renewing presence in our lives.
And it is very apt that it flowers at this time of year for Holy Week and Easter,
for this week is a continuation of that love letter.

This great feast tells us that no matter what we may be going through in life – God is with us.
It reminds us that God is continually transforming our lives through love,
that every day is a springtime for our souls.

God is alive, present and active in our world and in our lives,
and the love notes of God’s Presence appear suddenly, dramatically, and wonderfully,
like the blossom that appears unannounced from our trees and shrubs.

Many here this morning have been through some difficult times during this past year,
have known the darkness of winter in life, and may well have wondered where God is.
This Holy day tells us and shows us that God is right here.
God has walked the way of the cross by our side on our Good Fridays,
and God lifts us up to new beginnings and opens us to new life in our Easter rising.

This day, this holy season, is the ultimate love note from God,
brought to us, and opened for us, in the birth, death and resurrection of our Lord.
It is a love letter that comes with a PS.
P.S. Don’t forget to look for my letters, little notes, small gifts, and hidden treasures
scattered throughout your life in each every day.

You see every day is Easter day.
Even when we are caught up in our Good Fridays,
Easter is right there if we open our eyes and see.
Easter is right there in the kind word, the little act of kindness, the warm smile,
the gentle hug, the song of the blackbird, the breaking through of the sun,
the appearance of blossom – the sudden rising of joy.

A 15th Century Zen monk and poet wrote
that our primary spiritual practice should be to learn how to recognise and read
the love notes that are sent to us, that are all around us.
Our Easter mission is to do just that.

Life is full of little love notes, full of Easter moments, of God’s Presence.
May we have the grace to look for them and recognise them, and experience them.
May each day be a day of Resurrection.