Monday 29th March 2021

With yesterdays reflection this years Lent course has come to its end,
thank you for joining me on it.
This week I will include the reflections and sermons for Holy Week,
which will begin with a reflection tomorrow and continue from Maundy Thursday.
It will end with the Easter Sunday sermon.

In the mean time I will respond to a question that a couple of people have asked,
which is about buying binoculars and what to look for.
First of all, I would say that if you want to you can spend hundreds of ponds on a pair!
I personally never have, and do not intend to.
In some articles it is suggested that you can buy a good mid-price pair for around £200.
Again, I have never spent that much and am happy with what I have got.
So my binoculars come under that budget buy category!

The last pair I got with Christmas money cost me around £90. My previous around £60.
I was very happy with my original pair
but I bought the new ones because they are lighter and good for everyday use.

The important thing to consider is the two numbers, such has 8 x 32 or 10 x 42 etc.
The lower number tells you how much the object will be magnified.
So a number 8 tells you it is magnified by 8, and a number 10, magnified by 10.
Don’t be fooled into thinking that the bigger the first number the better.
In my experience anything above an 8 or 10 means a less clear vision
because you need to have very steady hands for higher numbers.
I have a pair of 8 x 32, my lighter weight pair; and then a pair of 10 x 42.

The larger number I cannot tell you the technicalities of, but it is to do with clarity of vision. One of my heroes, Bill Oddie, says that
the bigger number should be at least 3 times bigger than the smaller number,
hence the reason I have bought what I have got, and for me they are perfectly good.
Mind you, Bill Oddie also uses much more expensive binoculars than me!
Having once used a very expensive pair of binoculars I have to admit you notice the difference,
but unless you are going to become an obsessive wildlife watcher,
I would suggest much less expensive ones do the job perfectly well.

For regular use my 8 x 32 lighter weight pair are comfortable companions.
The make of mine are Slokey and I would definitely buy them again.
I could get even lighter weight by spending more money but for me it’s a balancing act,
and these are good enough for me.
Just a word of warning:
beware of small budget price binoculars that are very small and lightweight,
they may be easier to carry around but not so good for viewing – been there, done that!
But I would say to finish, that a decent pair of binoculars really enhance a good walk.
Mine give me hours of pleasure – nice for watching birds in the garden as well.