Easter Sunday 12th April 2020

This is the final entry for the 2020 Lenten Blog.
Thank you for joining me on this Lenten journey.
I leave you with my sermon for Easter Sunday, and a final poetic reflection,
that I wrote in church during the 3 hour devotions for Good Friday.

Sermon for Easter Sunday

It is the Lord! Exclaimed Jesus’ disciples at various times
when they finally recognised the Risen Christ among them.   It is the Lord!
It often took a while for it to sink in.
They rarely recognised his presence at first glance.
They had to look more than once.
They had to become vigilant in their seeing.
They had to become open to the inner eyes of faith
in order to see the reality of the Resurrection.

He appeared to them time and time and time again
and they often mistook his appearance for someone, or something, else.
Mary thought him to be the gardener.
Those travelling along the road to Emmaus
thought he was merely a fellow traveller.
Some mistook him for a ghostly figure walking across the waters,
or walking through walls.

It took a while for the reality of the Risen Lord to sink in.
It took time to adjust.
When they finally did they exclaimed again and again:
It is the Lord! It is the Lord!

We too, often fail to recognise the Risen Christ in our presence.
Maybe like those early disciples we are looking for the wrong thing
or looking in the wrong way.

The Risen Christ persisted with those first followers
until it finally sunk in,until they finally learned to see,
and to recognise the Risen Holy Presence among them,
and with them, in their daily lives.
And the Risen Christ persists with us in the same way,
slowly working on us,
until we learn to open our inner eyes
and encounter the Holy One among us on our life’s journey.

That is why we need to keep celebrating Easter over and over,
until we finally believe, until we finally see,
and recognise the Risen Christ.
Because the Risen Christ is among us in our daily lives and experiences:
in our joys and our ordeals, in our struggles and in our celebrations;
in life’s big moments, and in life’s little insignificant moments.
The Risen Christ appears to us through so many people,
and so many circumstances, that cross our paths.

The Risen Lord is with us constantly.
And waits patiently for us to clearly see.
And then to rejoice and join those first disciples
in shouting out from our hearts: It is the Lord!


Good Friday 2020

I knelt alone before the crucified Christ on the reredos,
Good Friday 2020. My emotions overflowed. I knelt and wept.
It was then an inner voice sounded:

It was nothing you did that brought me to the cross.
It was something I chose to do;
Love brought me to the cross, not you.
Yes, I died for your sin, but so much more than that.
I took upon the cross the whole fragility of the human race;
its woundedness, its lostness, its vulnerability;
its loneliness, its disconnection, its yearning for meaning.
Sin is only a small part of all that, a mere result of it all in many ways.
Humanity lost touch, that’s all. I came to restore that connection;
and, through love, help you rediscover love;
to know you are loved, to know you are love.

I went to the cross to tear down barriers,
to reopen doors, to remove veils,
to open eyes and help you see;
that in the midst of all the brokenness,
in the midst of sorrow and despair –
is love, pure unadulterated love.
And when you surrender and let go,
you fall into love, you fall into me.

For I did not come from up there, I came from within you.
I Am the deepest part of who you are;
I Am your own soul personified, made flesh.
I Am love. Your truest Self is love.
We originate from the Great Love
and to that Love we shall return, be One and live.

No you did not bring me to the cross.
Love only love did that.
It was too important to remain hidden.
It had to be revealed –