Maundy Thursday 9th April 2020

Coronavirus Mantra

 Wash your hands, they keep telling us,
Wash your hands!
Wherever you go – wash your hands.
When returning home – wash your hands.
If you touch anything – wash your hands.
Wash your hands – and wash them properly
You may be 60 but you have never learned!
Like this, thoroughly, don’t skimp, get it right.

Jesus washed the feet of his friends
but it might have been hands,
the principle’s the same.
Wash them with love, he said,
with kindness, with gentleness.
Wash them in prayer.

So yes, let’s keep washing our hands
– like the experts tells us:
Plenty of soap, plenty of water,
plenty of rubbing, plenty of scrubbing.
But, more importantly, like Jesus advises:
with love, with intention,
as an offering of prayer for our world.

Meditation 38

I write this on Maundy Thursday, when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, a daily task of servants at the time, an everyday occurrence. In our church we do the modern day equivalent at our Maundy Thursday worship, we wash hands. How appropriate in the light of the coronavirus pandemic. What Jesus did with his disciples in washing their feet was to make an ordinary, everyday, activity deeply significant. They could never wash feet in the same way again. That is what prayer does. That is what our daily commitment to meditation does. It makes ordinary everyday tasks we do in life more significant, or more correctly, it makes us aware of their true significance. That is why I encourage you to meditate, even for just 5 minutes a day, it gives meaning to everything else in life. It helps make each moment, a moment of communion with God and with others.