Sermon for Holy Saturday

We live in 2 worlds. We live in the world of time and the world of eternity
We are very much aware of living in the world of time.
It imposes itself upon us. We always seem to have too little time or too much time.
We are aware of trying to make time or save time; or of wasting time.
In fact, life often seems to be somewhat of a battle with this thing we call time.

That is because we forget that we also live in the world of eternity as well.
Eternity does not impose itself upon us in the way that finite time does;
it calls to us gently and quietly; it waits for our attention patiently.
Eternity is not time we can use, or save, or make;
it is simply something we can surrender to, and allow ourselves to be open to.

The mystic, Meister Eckhart said: Time makes us old but eternity keeps us young.
How true!
Time makes us aware of our limitations, but eternity helps us be aware of our potential.
We often make the mistake of thinking that we live in the world of time now,
and that eternity is something that we will discover sometime beyond this life.

But time and eternity are not 2 separate worlds they are part of each other.
We live in both time and eternity right now.
Eternity, said Saint Augustine, is the “Now” that does not pass away.
Eternity anchors us in the Divine, it keeps us aware that we come from a divine source, and that there is infinitely more to who we are than we can ever imagine.

This night of all nights reminds us that we are dwellers in both time and eternity.
Maybe it’s just me that over romanticises this Holy Night
but can you not feel that great presence of eternity right in the very midst of us.
The very atmosphere is alive with something awesome and tangible.
Time seems to stand still or as Augustine says: the Now is not passing away.

We are standing in a sacred moment of time and eternity when the 2 become one;
and await that momentous occasion when the Risen Christ
once again brings healing and wholeness to our world.

But this moment is not just a once a year occasion; it is a reminder of what is.
Every time we worship together, share Eucharist together, pray together,
laugh together, cry together, recognise beauty together;
we surrender to the eternal now and allow it to touch our lives and our world.
And in the eternal now flows the eternal love that unites us all.

So on this holy night let us surrender to eternity and know that eternal truth:
That in each moment we stand on the threshold of life in all its fullness.