Holy Saturday 20th April 2019

John 20:15   Who are you looking for?

Mary Magdalene had gone to the tomb early, while it was still dark,
and discovered that the stone had been rolled away from the tomb.
After a while she spoke to who she supposed was the gardener.
“Who are you looking for?” he asked.
It may well be the question that Jesus asks us.
Who are we looking for? What do we expect Jesus to be like?
What picture or image of Jesus do we have in our minds?
Mary had a clear image in her head – she was looking for her friend.
It was this image that probably stopped her recognising the Risen Christ.
It was not until he spoke her name, “Mary”, that she recognised him.
Sometimes we have such a fixed image of Jesus in our minds,
that he remains just a figure in our imagination,
and we fail to recognise the Risen Lord’s presence in daily life.
Easter calls us to live with open hearts and minds,
we never know in what guise or situation our Risen Lord will appear.


Holy Saturday Sermon will follow later