Holy Wednesday 17th April 2019

John 18:23 If I have spoken rightly, why do you strike me?

Jesus was before the high priest after he had been arrested.
He was being questioned about his teaching.
Jesus answered that his teaching had always been open for all to hear,
and suggested that others could answer the questions as well as him.
It was then that they struck him and Jesus asked this question.
How easy it is to strike out at people who speak the truth,
not necessarily with our fists but with our words or actions.
Sometimes the truth is not easy for us to take or cope with,
so rather than allow the truth to change us
we lash out at those who speak it.
Jesus knew that when he was before the high priest
it was easier for them to lash out rather than face the truth.
May we not be afraid of the truth, or being changed by it.

Richard Rohr
You cannot start seeking or understanding anything
if you start with a “No”.
You have to start with a “Yes” of basic acceptance.
Which means, not too quickly
labelling and analysing, or categorising things
“in” or “out”, “good” or “bad”.

You have leave the field open,
to live by positive action and conscious understanding,
and not by resistance, knee jerk reactions,
or defensiveness.

This is not easy.
It often takes a lifetime of work
and honest self-observation
to stop judging,
or starting with a “No”.