Holy Tuesday Compline Reflection

“Love is blind”, we say when someone falls in love

with someone we view as a not so very nice person.

“Love is blind”, we say when someone will not hear a word said against

a person who treats them abysmally.

“Love is blind” is a phrase we normally use in a negative way,

it tends to describe the naivety, if not downright stupidity, of the person we say it about.


Yet is such love blind at all?

Or is it the rest of us who are blinded by our assumptions?

Are we so caught up by the negative traits we see in a particular person,

that we consider them unlovable?

Maybe it is we who are blind and not the person who loves them.


Perhaps they see clearly something we cannot see, or refuse to see.

Perhaps what they see, hidden from our eyes,

is something so lovely that any faults the person may have become irrelevant.

Maybe love is not blind at all, but the very quality of life that opens our eyes to see.


Is that the love of God, I wonder?

God sees, deep within us, that wonderful soul

that we have not even glimpsed ourselves yet.

And when God looks at that soul he, or she, can do nothing else but love us.

Our faults, gigantic or minute, are nothing in comparison

to the wonder that God has fallen in love with.


We may not see it in ourselves; we may spend a lifetime trying to work out

why God should love or care about us so much;

but it would seem that for some reason God does.

Maybe it is time we just accepted it

and be thankful that true love is so beautifully blind.


It is that true love that led Jesus to take the journey that ended on the cross.

As we begin to take that journey with him this week,

may our hearts be open to that love,

may we become blind to the judgements that separate us from others,

and may  we learn to see as God sees and recognise the hidden beauty in all.