Saturday 10th March 2018

Luke 22:19 Do this in remembrance of me

For me one of the most beautiful Eucharist’s that we celebrate together
is the one we celebrate on Maundy Thursday evening.
Yes, there is immense joy in celebrating the Eucharist
at Midnight Mass, on Christmas Morning and on Easter Day,
but on Maundy Thursday we celebrate the Eucharist
remembering the very night our Lord took bread, blessed and broke it,
and took wine, blessed, poured and shared it,
and gave it to each his disciples saying: Do this in remembrance of me.
There is something very poignant and powerful
about the Eucharist we celebrate on this evening.
Although it came at the end of his life it marked a new beginning.
It tells us that the Gospel story is not just an historical event,
it is about you and me today continuing that story in our lives.

He was old, tired, and sweaty
Talking to imaginary people and poking around in the rubbish.
I wanted to tell him about Eucharist, but I didnt know where to begin.
So I said hello, I smiled, and gave him Eucharist instead.
She lived alone, her husband dead her family gone.
She talked at you, not to you; endless words gushed out.
So I listened; and gave her Eucharist.
The road busy with commuters, dying to be home
Noisy horns, careless gestures, angry words
all conveying the stress they were under.
So I said a short prayer for each on their journey.
And I gave them Eucharist.
I laughed at myself, and told myself:
“You with all your faults,
you with all your concerns and fears,
Its ok, you are loved and accepted for who you are.”
Sometimes its good to give yourself Eucharist.
Teach us, O God, that we cant talk Eucharist,
we cant philosophise over it, you cant dogmatise Eucharist,
You just live it and share it.
Sometimes we laugh it, sometimes we cry it, often we sing it.
We pause Eucharist in the middle of a busy day;
Squeeze it in a warm embrace;
Speak it with gentle words;
Listen it when a person needs to talk.
May each moment of every day be a Eucharist.

Source Unknown – adapted