Thursday 8th March 2018

Mark 14:15 And he will show you a large upper room furnished and ready

Our Maundy Thursday worship takes us on an emotional roller coaster.
We are taken to the upper room
where Jesus shared the Last Supper with his disciples;
introducing what has become the Eucharist, in sharing bread and wine.
The meal also included the washing of his disciples’ feet
and his commission that they serve as he had served.
After the Eucharist the altar and the sanctuary area are stripped
in preparation for the prayer vigil that is kept until midnight;
remembering Jesus’s prayer of anguish, and betrayal in Gethsemane.
It ends with Gospel reading of our Lord’s arrest and the disciples fleeing.
Earlier in the day there is a service in the Cathedral
where the Bishops bless the holy oils that are used in parish ministry
and the clergy of the diocese renew their ordination vows.
We reflect more on each of these in the coming days.

On Maundy Thursday Holy Week changes its tempo.
The gentle easing into Holy week with the night prayers of compline,
begins to become a little more intense with Stations of the Cross on Holy Wednesday,
and then Maundy Thursday begins to take us into the very heart
of what this holy week is all about.
It places us in direct experience of the immense love that led Jesus to the cross
and calls us to open our hearts and allow God to lead us
into this profound spiritual journey.
I encourage you to do everything you can to join the worship on this evening
and throughout the coming days.
They open the door to God’s Holy Presence in life.