Wednesday 7th March 2018

Luke 9:23  Let them take up their cross and follow me

Walking processions play a big part in our Holy Week devotions.
I have already mentioned Stations of the Cross,
when we process around the church stopping to reflect at each scene.
On Palm Sunday after the palm crosses have been blessed in the hall
we process into church to begin our Palm Sunday worship.
On Good Friday there is the Procession of Witness through the streets
which is a devotion done jointly with other local churches.
Other worship in the week includes small processions as part of them.
These processions all reflect the journey that Jesus made.
From his procession into Jerusalem that we remember on Palm Sunday,
to his long procession and journey to the cross on Good Friday.
The processions that we make in our worship reflect our Lord’s journey
and are also a commitment to journey with him in our daily lives.

Stephen Levine writes:

Walking in a Sacred Manor is to make an art of life,
to attend each moment as if it were the last,
to take each step as though it were the first.
When we walk in Sacred Manor all is experienced as the Sacred….
as the divine moment.

Our processions in our worship, devotions, and prayer
are about walking in the steps of Christ,
walking in the steps of the holy,
or walking in a Sacred Manor.
Our processions in worship and prayer remind us
that each step in life is a holy step;
and that each day we step into the footprints of Christ.