Wednesday 29th February 2018

Ephesians 4:2  With humility, gentleness and patience bear one another in love

The Franciscan priest, Richard Rohr, writes of the word Ego
as being an acronym for Edging God Out.
When we are too egocentric, are full of our own self-importance,
or place too much value on our own opinions and judgements,
we leave less and less space for God and slowly edge God out.
The practice of humility on the other hand;
recognising our vulnerability and becoming aware of our limitations,
makes space for God – edges God in.
Lent is a good time to rejoice in our imperfections,
to not take our ourselves and our particular views quite so seriously.
It is a time to make space for God to surprise us and grow in us.
More from Richard Rohr:

If there is such a thing as human perfection,
it seems to emerge precisely from how we handle
the imperfection that is everywhere, especially our own.
What a clever place for God to hide holiness,
so that only the humble and earnest will find it.