Tuesday 27th February 2018

Ephesians 4:23-24 Be renewed in the spirit and put on a new self

One way to bring freshness back to our faith and spiritual routines
is to practise what our Buddhist friends call Shoshin.
Shoshin means Beginners Mind.
The practise of Shoshin is to do whatever we do
as if we were doing it for the very first time – with beginners Mind.
When we have practised our faith over many years
it can all become a bit stale.
What we once loved to do, what once fed us and inspired us,
we suddenly find we are doing out of habit.
We begin to take our faith for granted
and wonder why it no longer moves us in the way that it used to do.
Lent is an opportunity to practise Shoshin;
to pray, read our Bible, go to church, receive holy communion,
as if we were doing it for the very first time.
Try it this lent and see what difference it makes to you.

John O’Donohue wrote:

So much depends on how we see things.
More often than not the style of gaze determines what we see.
There are many things near us that we never notice
simply because of the way we see.
The way we look at things has a huge influence on what becomes visible for us.
May we learn to look through the eyes of the soul,
and continuously experience things as if for the very first time.