Monday 26th February 2018

Ezekiel 36:26 I will give you a new heart; a new spirit I will put within you

This season is an opportunity for a spiritual tune-up.
We are all at different stages on our journey of faith.
For some exploring the spiritual life is quite a recent change in life,
it is all still new and we are discovering new aspects to it all the time;
this whole season of Lent, Holy Week and Easter may be new to us.
Some may be returning to the practice of their faith after many years.
For others it has been a part of their life from childhood,
and the danger for them is that it can all become a bit dry;
their worship, prayer and spiritual routine has become a habit
and may no longer seem as fresh and inspiring as it once was.
Lent is an opportunity for us to explore how we can bring freshness
back to our spiritual journey so it all speaks to us anew.

The Benedictine monk John Main wrote:

Returning to our own centre, discovering our own centre,
is the first task and responsibility of every life that is to become fully human.
To be at one with our centre, means that we are at one with every centre.
To be in our centre is to be in God…..
The art of living is the art of living out of the eternal newness of our origin,
and living fully from our centre as it springs from the creative hand of God.

Returning to our centre on a regular basis,
returning to God who dwells at the centre of our soul,
is how we keep our faith and spiritual life fresh and alive.
It is about making our prayer, worship, and times of reflection
a priority in our busy lives.
That is not always easy and we can easily slip away from that spiritual source.
Lent is an opportunity to return to our centre,
and allow that returning to renew and refresh us.
Think of one change you can make in your life that will allow that to happen.