Saturday 24th February

Colossians 4:2 Continue steadfastly in prayer

The season of Lent is a season of prayer.
It is season for renewing our life of prayer, which is the heartbeat of life.
I do not think any of us truly grasp the power and significance of prayer.
Prayer is our connection with the holy, our connection with God.
Prayer does not have to be complicated or fancy;
prayer does not have to be pious or long.
A moments lifting of our awareness to God’s Presence in life will suffice.
Prayer at the beginning of each day can truly enrich the day’s quality.
It is like sending out supplies into the day to aid us as it unfolds.
It creates a refuge when we need strength and comfort;
a signpost when we need guidance and wisdom;
a watering hole when we need renewal and inspiration.
A few moments lifting our heart to God, especially at the start of day,
will make the day richer, will make the day holy.

Kallistos Ware writes:

Like a drop of ink that falls on the blotting paper,
the act of prayer should spread steadily outwards
from the consciousness and reasoning centre of the brain,
until it embraces every part of ourselves.