Friday 23rd February

Ecclesiastes 3  God has made everything beautiful in its own time

Purple is also the colour of fasting and simplicity.
How many of us get ourselves in a frenzy over Lents call to fast?
We give things up, and then feel guilty when we indulge in them.
We often make fasting into a battle, so it becomes a negative discipline.
But if we link our fasting with our creativity and things we enjoy doing,
it actually makes much more sense.
Fasting is not just about food and drink, it is about use of time.
Fasting from television, social media, social demands,
can free up time to be creative and enter our purple patch.
How often do we consider doing something creative on an evening,
but end up just watching the telly instead because it’s easier?
Why not fast from instant, cheap, and often dull entertainment this lent,
and make space for that neglected creative gift?
Or simply to try something different.

Things in life that are supposed to help make it richer and more interesting,
often become the very things that eventually dull our intellect
and become a kind of prison that limits us
and prevents us from doing the things that would truly enrich us.
There is nothing wrong with television, phones, social media,
or enjoying social engagements –
but they are there for us to use and not be used by.
Fasting from them every now and again puts them in perspective
and helps to stop them taking control of our time and lives.
We can then return to them in a more positive way.