Thursday 22nd February

Song of Solomon 1:11 We will make ornaments of gold and silver

The colour purple is also a colour we tend to connect with creativity.
We often hear the phrase “a purple patch”
Describing someone going through a particularly fruitful creative period.
A footballer who is scoring a lot of goals is often described as
“going through a purple patch”.
Likewise authors with a string of successful books,
or anyone who is “on a roll” with their particular gifts.
Lent, I have always found, is a good time for creativity.
It comes at the springtime of the year
when new life and new possibility is springing up all around us.
Why not use Lent as an opportunity to revive your own creative gifts?
What do you enjoy that you have neglected?
What creative side of you is waiting to be recognised?
Why not allow Lent to bring you into a purple patch?

We do things for all sorts of daft reasons.
Out of habit, false sense of loyalty, because we don’t want to feel excluded,
because we are concerned about what others will think,
because it gives us a sense of self-importance,
even because we can’t bear the thought of someone else doing it,
or because deep down we like to play the martyr.
When we look at the things we do, and reflect upon them,
we need to be honest with ourselves about our motives.
Most things we do out of mixed motives,
but to do things for the wrong reason when we don’t enjoy it, is madness.
For creativity to grow, for new or old loves to begin and flourish;
to enter a purple patch;
we have to create space in our lives and be reflective, discerning, and honest
about the things that we do and why we do them.
May this Lent be a time when we reflect on what we do, and do not do;
a time to find the wisdom to make the changes that we need to make,
and allow our creative gifts to flourish