Wednesday 21st February

Mark 1:3 Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight

The colour purple is prominent in church throughout the season of Lent.
The altar and pulpit frontals are purple, as are the priest’s vestments.
Purple is the colour of preparation;
it reminds us that we are preparing our hearts and lives
for the most important week in the Christian year
– for Holy Week and Easter.
The other time that purple is worn is during Advent,
when we prepare for the great Feast of Christmas.
Lent is a season of preparation; of reflection and inner renewal.
It is the time when we reflect on the roots of our Christian faith,
and the effect those roots have upon our lives.
It is a time when we are called to stop, slow down, take stock,
and renew our commitment to the faith journey on which we are called.
Is there an aspect of your own faith that needs renewal?

A poem by Susan Coolidge

Every day is a fresh beginning;
Listen, my soul, to the glad refrain,
And, spite of old sorrow and older sinning,
And puzzles forecasted and possible pain,
Take heart with the day and begin again.