Just 5 Minutes

Tuesday 28th March
Mark 6:31
Jesus said to them:
Come away by yourselves to a quiet place
and rest a while.
In meditation we do not seek to think about God,
but be with God,to experience God
as the ground of our being.
– John Main

Meditation is not everyone’s cup of tea
and many I know find it difficult to get into.
We are all made differently and we all pray differently.
The old saying “pray as you can, not as you can’t” is very true;
if meditation is not our thing
then we should not feel guilty about not praying that way.
However, while it may not suit everyone
to pray for long periods in this way
I would still encourage you to meditate
just for a few moments every day,
just to be still and quiet before God for 5 minutes
can bring great benefits.
It gives us an opportunity to listen to what God is trying to say to us;
to simply be open to God’s presence
and sit with God in companionable silence.
And it is not always in those few minutes of quiet
that God’s communication comes through,
that may come out of the blue later in the day,
when we are busy doing other things.
But it comes through because we were willing
to pause for a few moments earlier in the day.
The time of meditation itself can be frustrating,
and we can spend the whole time fidgeting
and trying not to think about all the things we have to do.
That does not mean it has been a waste of time –
because we were willing to struggle with a little stillness and silence
the channels become open for God to speak to us in our daily activities.
Just a few moments each day spent in still,
companionable, silence with God
can reap a whole harvest of unseen rewards throughout the day.

The Womb of Silence – Unknown
Not in the whirlwind, not in the lightening,
Not in the strife of tongues;
Or in the jangling of subtle reasoning
Is He to be found;
But in the still small voice
Speaking in the womb of silence.
Therefore be silent.

Let the past be silent,
Let there be no regrets,
No brooding on past failures,
No bitterness, no judgement
Of oneself or others.
Let all be silent

Be still and know, Be still and look,
Let the eyes of the mind be closed;
That you may hear
What otherwise you would not hear,
That you may know
What otherwise you may not know.

Abandon yourself to Him in longing love,
Simply holding on to nothing but Him.
So you may enter the silence of eternity
And know the union of yourself in Him.

And if in the silence He does not answer
He is still there.
His silence is the silence of love.
Wait then in patience and submission,
It is good to wait in silence
For His coming.