Sermon Lighting of Easter Fire

In my sermon yesterday for Good Friday
I spoke about how in the ritual of venerating the cross
we align ourselves with Christ and feed off his love, his strength, his very presence.
On Good Friday it is about aligning ourselves with his response to suffering and pain;
with the way he was willing to embrace it and surrender himself to it,
and thus transform it into a path of healing and growth.

This evening it is about aligning ourselves with the miracle of his resurrection,
which is a direct result of his surrendering to the cross.
Jesus trusted his Father with his pain and anguish, he trusted God with his death
and found it to be none other than the way to the fullness of life.

Our God is a God of miracles and transformation. Life is a miracle.
You and I are miracles of God.
This night is a celebration of miracles
and a reminder that God enters the deepest darkness and transforms it into light.
It is reminder that God is deeply embedded in our world.

God is deeply embedded in besieged war torn cities.
God is deeply embedded in the poverty of refugee camps.
God is deeply embedded in sickness, viruses, infections and tragedy.
God is deeply embedded in the midst of all the horror
that human kind is capable of creating.
Nothing can ever separate us from the loving Presence of God.

We can live life as if nothing is a miracle, wrote Albert Einstein,
or we can live life as if everything is a miracle.
This night calls us to believe in,
and align ourselves with, the miracle of God’s presence;
and to know that there is no situation that cannot be redeemed by God’s love.
God does not give up on his world,
and we should not give up on our hope in God.