Lent 2016 Appreciating What We Have

Holy Saturday 26th March

Daniel 6:10
He got down on his knees three times a day and gave thanks before his God.

To know how to be satisfied is to hold a treasure in the palm of one’s hand
– Tibetan Proverb

In an episode of the American TV sitcom ‘Frasier’,
Frasier and his brother Niles are sat in a coffee bar
discussing whether or not they are happy.
Niles describes to Frasier a documentary he saw on TV about the Great Depression.
He describes old footage of the Salvation Army giving out food and clothes,
and of one small child who received a pair of second hand shoes.
“The look on that child’s face” says Niles “was one of pure happiness.”
He then added:
“I have never felt that kind of happiness in my entire life,
even when I bought these $400 handmade Italian shoes.”

When we have nothing we are grateful for whatever we are given,
and we think we have been given the world.
When we can afford $400 shoes we so easily take it for granted
and thus become immune to true happiness.
Happiness does not come from being able to have what we want,
but in learning to appreciate and be truly thankful for what we have.