Lent 2016 Whatever is, Just is

Good Friday 25th March

Luke 1:46
My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my saviour.

Take the mental attitude that whatever is, just is, and don’t fight it…..
everything that happens just is.
Calling something bad increases the suffering and prolongs the experience.
So find the good in the situation, and be thankful for it.
This shifts the energy.
– Wes Hopper

It is our natural tendency to label things.
Some things we label as good, some as bad;
some things as beautiful and others as ugly;
a person as kind or thoughtful, or as selfish or thoughtless.
Labels, labels, labels.
Perhaps we need to adopt the attitude that everything “just is”
and teach ourselves not to hang a label on everything.
Once we have labelled something, our attitude towards it changes,
especially if we have put a negative label on it.
We then find it difficult to see the good, the beautiful, the gift,
because we have already begun to look through the blinkered vision of our label.
If we can learn to accept that everything is ‘just as it is’, without judgement,
we leave open the opportunity to see the good and the gift, and be thankful.
If we can learn to be thankful for simply what is,
there is a good chance we will discover its value and worth.