Lent 2016 Roses Need Their Thorns

Wednesday 23rd March

I Chronicles 23:30
And they stood there every morning, thanking and praising the Lord,
and likewise in the evening.

I am thankful, that sometimes…..
I am the black sky for you stars to shine against;
I am the desert where your oasis lives;
I am the thorn where your rose blossoms;
I am the oyster where your pearls form;
I am the mine where your diamonds take shape.
– Avantika

Wouldn’t it be great if life always ran smoothly?
If there was no pain, no anxiety, no concerns in life?
Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning
and know for certain nothing would go wrong today?
Or would it? I wonder.
Maybe in such a so called perfect world everything would be just, well, bland.
We can never truly know the vibrancy of joy if we have not experienced sorrow.
We can never really appreciate peace and contentment
unless we have also experienced discontent or fear.
In William Horwood’s novels on Duncton Wood,
which are about a community of moles,
Rebecca, the healer mole, states:
“If everything tasted sweet, then nothing would taste sweet.”
And when you think about it, it is true.
We can only know the taste of sweetness
if we have tasted bitterness, and have something to compare it with.
Likewise, as Avantika says in today’s quote:
Stars need a black sky in order to shine;
Diamonds need a dark mine to take shape;
Roses need their thorns; and Oasis would have no meaning without a desert.
We need to be thankful for life’s adversities
because they give meaning and purpose to life’s wonder and beauty.