Lent 2016 Receiving Thanks Graciously

Thursday 25th February

Luke 17:16
And he fell on his face at Jesus at Jesus’ feet, giving him thanks.

When complimented or praised,
a sincere thank you is the only response required.
-H. Jackson Brown Jnr.

It is important to give thanks to others for so many different reasons:
a gift, help given, a kind word received,
or for simply being a part of our lives.
But how are we at receiving thanks or praise ourselves?
How good are we at graciously receiving a compliment?
How often do we find ourselves saying “Oh, it was nothing”
or “Goodness, anyone would have done that” or some other such remark.
Receiving thanks graciously is just as important as giving thanks.
So the next time someone compliments you,
says “thanks” to you, or praises you for something,
instead of playing it down accept their thanks graciously.
“your welcome”; “my pleasure”, “thank you”, “glad I could help”, “that’s kind of you”
are much more gracious ways to respond to a compliment.
We do not always find it easy
to receive thanks, praise, compliments, or appreciation,
but when we do we give pleasure to the giver.
I love the story of the woman smothering Jesus in oil and kissing his feet.
(Mark 14:3-9)
He wasn’t embarrassed by her love and gratitude,
he didn’t push her away or try to stop her,
he received it graciously and allowed her the pleasure of her gratitude.
May we allow others theirs.