Easter Day 2015

The Lord is Risen, alleluia, alleluia.
He is Risen indeed, alleluia, alleluia.

Happy Easter everyone. Thank you for following our Lenten Blog.
This is the last entry for this year.
I finish with the sermon for Easter Day.

A few weeks ago a much loved member of our church family, Angela, died.
Her funeral ended with a rousing rendition of her favourite hymn:
Blessed Assurance Jesus is Mine, which we have just sang,
Or has Angela always called it: This is My Story.

Those who knew Angela will know that she lived her life
with great physical limitations, but despite the limitations of her body,
or maybe because of them, she lived life with a soul that knew no limitations;
a soul that shone brightly and flew high.
Hers was a soul that touched so many with its beauty and wonder.

Why was that? Because Angela knew about Easter.     She knew instinctively
that Easter was not just something that happened once in the past,
or that it was a festival that we celebrated once a year,
but that it was her story, and her song –
the story and event that shaped her life and shapes our world.

You see we are not just called as Christians to celebrate Easter,
we are called to be an Easter people;
a people who are called to live the Easter Message ….
that our God is alive and kicking; and that the world is full of God’s wonder and Glory.
To live the Easter Message until it becomes “Our story” and “Our song”.

We become part of the story and the song of Easter,
not by stepping back from it and by admiring it from afar – but by entering into it.
It becomes “Our story” and “Our song” through our participation in it;
By allowing ourselves to be charged with its grandeur,
be changed by its wonder, and be touched by its power.

The Easter message is not merely about what God has done for us,
but about the possibility of what God can do within us.
This day can remain for us the Easter story – or it can become My Story.
Holy Week and Easter is the story of life. The story of my life and yours.
It opens the door to new possibilities, to new ways of being,
for ourselves and for our world.

Are we going to participate in it, or merely celebrate it once every year?
Angela made it her story. This morning, in his baptism, Henry is making it his story.
May we, as we too get sprinkled with the Easter baptismal waters, make it our story;
And be saturated, and brought alive, by the Easter message.

The Lord is Risen.   Our God is alive and kicking.
This is our story, this is our song.   Amen.