Holy Wednesday

A saying that I find myself reflecting upon again and again is:
“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
They are the words of Mahatma Gandhi.
It is a call for each of us to take responsibility.
It is a call to take responsibility for the ills of our world and society
and not merely stand there pointing the finger at others.

It is so easy to look around us at our world, our community, our family, our church
and to contemplate the changes we would make to improve them.
And the changes we would normally make would be changes to others.
The blame game has been going on since the beginning of time.
“It was the woman you gave me – she gave me the fruit to eat.”
“Don’t blame me, I wouldn’t have dreamt of eating the fruit if it wasn’t for that serpent.”
It all kicked off there and we have been playing the game ever since.

Well, it’s a natural game to play.
After all I can’t be blamed for the really bad stuff. Can I?
I may have a bit of a temper but I certainly would not murder.
I may be jealous of others wealth at times, but I wouldn’t dream of stealing from them.
I may feel strongly about issues of injustice, and myself feel unjustly treated at times,
but I wouldn’t dream of committing an act of terrorism.

No, the blame always lies somewhere else.
And I guess for those who do commit murder it was because they were provoked;
and those who have stolen, because they were forced into it through desperation;
and those who plant car bombs only do so because the world won’t listen.
It is always somebody else to blame.

Taking responsibility does not mean we begin to blame ourselves instead,
there is nothing positive to be gained from that.
Taking responsibility means that we acknowledge that we all contribute to society’s ills.
Our attitudes; the things we say and do; the way we live our lives –
all have a bigger impact than we can imagine.

Both for good and for ill we daily feed our world with the way we live our lives.
That is why Gandhi said:   Be the change you want to see in the world.
In other words: stop playing the blame game and be willing to take responsibility.

This Holy Week let us make a commitment to stop playing the blame game,
and to be aware of the times that we do play it.
Let us allow changes to take place in us that will bring benefit to our world.
Instead of blaming others Jesus took responsibility……………..