Thursday 19th March              


Ephesians 3:16
This is my prayer for you:
May the Father in his infinite glory
give you power through his Spirit
for your hidden self to grow strong.

“Beneath all our feelings, beneath our reasoning,
beneath all our limitations, there is a deep centre;
the centre and ground of our being.
And we can pass through that centre into the very centre of God.
Indeed the two centres are one, constituting the very centre of all that is.”

– Basil Pennington.

Take time to be still and to make contact with your deepest self.
I speak and write a lot about our Spiritual Journey. What is the journey? Where is to?
For me it is a journey to the centre; to the centre of who we are.
All the spiritual values that we are exploring this Lent are part of that journey;
each value is a spoke in the wheel that takes us to the centre.
It is a journey to our soul, which in turn is the journey to God –
“the centre and ground of our being.”
Of all the journey’s we will ever make in life, this journey is the most important.
And yet, in a strange way, it is not a journey that we make at all;
we do not find the centre, the centre finds us.
Through our spiritual practise we are drawn into it, like a whirlpool,
and our job is merely to learn how to surrender to its current
and allow ourselves to be carried by these holy tides.

We can over think our journey into God;
sometimes what we have to do is simply let go of the thinking
and allow God’s presence to draw us into itself.
That is what prayer is about. It is not about us seeking God and reeling God in.
It is, in fact, the other way around.
In prayer we have to allow God to seek us and reel us in.
It is not so much about us bringing God into our situation,
but of becoming aware that God is already there
and allowing that holy presence to draw us to our centre, to carry us home.

The joys, the pains, the pleasures and the sorrows of life
are the means God uses to reel us in.
Instead of getting caught up in whether or not we want or like each situation,
let us just open ourselves to God’s whirlpool and trust where it takes us.