Thursday 12th March


Philippians 4:8
Finally, whatever is true, whatever is honourable,
whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious,
think about these things; and the God of peace will be with you.

“Try a little experiment. Close your eyes and say:
“I wonder what my next thought will be?” Be like a cat watching a mouse hole.
What thought is going to come out of the mouse hole?
While you are in a state of intense presence, you are free of thought.
You are still and alert.”
– Thich Nhat Hanh

Take a little time today to sit and watch your thoughts.
But more importantly, to enjoy the gap between thoughts
There is an old story of a fisherman,
who was sat by his boat relaxing in the midday sun;
Just enjoying the peace and reflecting on how beautiful the world was.
His reflection was broken by a businessman whose brain, as always,
was working overtime.
“I’ve been watching you” says the businessman
“and I was wondering why you were just sitting here
when you could be out there catching fish and making the most of the good weather?”
“I’ve caught all the fish I need today” says the fisherman,
“and have just returned from the market.
Now I intend to relax, enjoy the sun and contemplate.”

“But I don’t understand”, said the anxious looking businessman,
“There’s hours of daylight left, why don’t you go back out and catch more fish?”
“I have caught enough for one day,” the fisherman answered,
“why would I want to catch more?”
The businessman looked incredulous “Why? Well you could double your profits!”
“What would be the point of that?” asked the fisherman.
“You’re not much of a businessman are you? If you double your profits
you could eventually buy a bigger boat and catch more fish.
You could build a strong business and become very wealthy.”
“Why would I want to become wealthy?” asked the fisherman.
“Isn’t it obvious? Once you have made your fortune
you could relax, sit in the midday sun, and contemplate to your heart’s content!”

The fisherman just smiled and put his feet up.

We don’t have to be rich to find time for a little thoughtful reflection;
But we may find we are richer for it.