Saturday 21st February

Psalm 34:8
O taste and see that the Lord is good,
happy are they who put their trust in him.

“Become a tasty morsel for God……our prayer is food for God.
We also feed from the Divine when we pray,
inasmuch the same way as energy is exchanged when we kiss.”
– Lorraine Kilsy.

Prayer is a two way affair.
God feeds off our prayer as much as in prayer, we feed off God.

There is a particular African tribe where, when a woman becomes pregnant,
she goes with other women to a remote place outside the village to meditate.
During her meditation, it is said,
that she listens to the song of the soul of her unborn child.
Once she has listened to and memorised the song of her child’s soul
she shares it with the other women and they sing it with her.
They then all go back to the village and teach that song to the community.
The song is sung at the child’s birth and all the rites of passage into adulthood.
But the other interesting thing is that
in times of difficulty and hardship; when things are difficult and tough,
the community will gather around them and sing them the song of their soul,
to remind them who they truly are; to remind them of their true beauty and worth.

Isn’t this what prayer is all about?
It is the means of connecting the with song or kiss that God has placed in our soul;
It is the means by which we help other people connect with that song and kiss.
When we say that we will pray for someone
do we not gather around them as a community and sing them the song of their soul?
When we pray for someone are we not reminding them of who they truly are?
Are we not reminding them of their importance to God?
Are we not reminding them of their true beauty and worth?
Is it not about us and God feeding off each other’s love
and allowing it to flow, and bless, and heal?
O taste and see that the Lord is good!